Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to Plant Ginger

The ginger that I bought from the grocery store started sprouting recently, so I thought, what a great time to try to plant my own ginger!  I've heard it is a very easy herb to grow, so wanted to give it a try myself.

I first started by cutting the rhizome into smaller pieces, making sure that each piece had at least one eye bud.

Since I live in a climate that experiences freezes, and since ginger is a tropical plant that can't handle freezing, I decided to plant my ginger in a container, so that I can bring it indoors in the winter.  I selected a plastic container, since it makes for easier transport while lugging it in and outside. I also opted for a pot that has a removable bottom, so that there is easier drainage when it is outsides, but then I can put the bottom back on when I bring it indoors.

While I did not start with an organic ginger root, I want the ginger I grow to be as organic as possible, so I bought some local organic potting mix for my ginger - Lady Bug Vortex Potting Soil.  I also added in some compost from my bins to give it a little extra nutrients.

Next, I planted my ginger roots, spacing them evenly in the pot, with the eye buds facing up. Then I covered them with 1-2 inches of potting mix and gave them a good watering.

Ginger root likes partial shade and to stay moist, so I selected a place on my patio that will get filtered sunlight.  I'll need to make sure to keep this plant more watered than most of my other drought-tolerant plants.  It will also need to come indoors before a freeze.

Ginger is a slow-growing herb, so I will need to wait at least 4 months to do any harvesting.  The longer I wait, the bigger my harvest will be, so if I can wait closer to a year, I will get an even better harvest.  The best time to harvest is in the fall, when the leaves start dying back.  I will probably do a small harvest this fall, but leave a lot of the roots in the pot and bring it indoors over winter.

I always love trying out new plants - I'll let you know how this one goes for me.  Have you ever planted ginger?

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