Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Bird Watch

Today we had a heat wave come through, so we got outside to do a bit of yardwork.  Turns out that the wildlife was really enjoying the weather too.  I saw numerous birds in the yard that I don't often see around.

 Eastern Bluebird

House Finch

And the ones that I was most excited about - the Cedar Waxwings.  I've always seen these beauties in the bird books, but never saw one for myself until today.  I think their markings are so exquisite.  There weren't just a few of them either - there was an entire group of them, also known as an "ear-full" or "museum."

 A museum of waxwings...sprinkled with a few white-winged doves.

So pretty.

A waxing, bluebird, and red-bellied woodpecker all in one pic!  I really felt like our yard was a menagerie for wildlife today!