Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Backyard Beds

This spring, right after we put in our new front yard landscaping, I was inspired to continue with our landscaping efforts.  I'd been dreaming about having multiple garden beds in the back for more bulbs, herbs, fruit trees, and roses.  The backyard is completely fenced in, so it will be wonderful to have the freedom to plant whatever plants I wanted, without having to worry about the deer nibbling everything down.

There was a perfect place in our backyard for my new garden area - a corner part of our plot that had nothing but the one Florida Prince peach tree that we planted a couple years ago when we moved into the house.  I've also been wanting to plant rose bushes along the fenceline between our yard and the neighbors.  We also cleared a tree from the fenceline area when we had the strong winds blow through earlier this spring, leaving more room to grow new things.


I had been thinking about the design for awhile.  I wanted it to be functional so I could have access to all the beds easily and have it laid out in a way that maximized my growing space, but I also wanted an artistic flare for some beauty.  I outlined the design that I wanted with some spray paint.  Then, my husband's coworker, the same that helped with the front landscaping, came out to tear up the grass and had a mason lay down the stone work for my EIGHT new garden beds!


Two of the beds wrap around the back deck.  One of those is a small one where the bougainvillea sits.  I plan to put herbs and some artichokes in the larger bed, eventually.

The peach tree is surrounded by three beds that have two layers of limestone.  These beds will have a variety of different flowers.  I'm not sure what exactly, I just know I want it to have a cottage garden feel.

One of the largest beds is the neighbor fenceline bed.  This is where the tree that fell down in the wind storm used to be.  This is also where I imagine I'll have various rose bushes, a couple new fruit trees (pomegranate and frost orange, perhaps), and various other flowers.

The other large bed is the one that surrounds the two large shade trees.  Normally, there is a hammock swinging between these two trees.  I definitely want to plant turk's cap and American Beautyberry bushes under these shade trees (out of the way of the hammock).  Since there are a lot of large tree roots in this bed, I will need to add plenty of new dirt before I plant anything.

Other than structuring the beds, I've only been able to put dirt in two of the beds so far.  I have plenty more to do to prep the rest of the beds and the rest of the new landscaped area before it is ready for planting.  I plan to put dirt and compost in all the beds.  We will also be putting down plastic and gravel on the pathway. Of course, we got busy with life during the summer and these plans have been put on hold for the time-being.  I'm hoping to pick these activities back up soon so that I can start planting all my new plants this fall.


  1. Is there anything more exciting and enticing than newly prepped beds, ready to be filled with plants? Everything is possible at this point. I am a little envious of that clean start you are getting, and good for you to get rid of at least some of your lawn! Native plants and well planned garden beds take much less water and maintenance and support local wildlife while looking good. Hopefully your neighbors will watch and do likewise!

    1. I'm very excited for clean slate that I have to work with - so much room for so many options. However, it is a little intimidating as well trying to figure out everything I want to include, which bed should I put it in, and getting the spacing and bloom timing the way I want. But, I guess that it is one of the beauties of gardening - it is constantly changing. I'll see what I like and don't like and make changes accordingly.