Sunday, July 1, 2012

Florida Prince Peach Tree

In March, Jon and I bought a Florida Prince Peach Tree from Costco.  We planted it in the backyard where there is plenty of sun and where it would be safe from the deer.  We had to stake the little tree and tie it down with some supports because the windy Texas spring was too much for the little tree to handle.
After several weeks, I noticed several small peaches forming on the tree.  I was very excited that the first year we planted the peach tree we would also be getting fruit!  There were about 5-6 small little fruits forming.
The peaches slowly turned from green to an orange/peach color.  I didn't see any indication of disease or bugs on the plant, so I was very excited for the juicy little peaches to get bigger for me to eat.

And then disaster struck.  One day the little peaches were perfect, the next they looked half eaten, by the birds I am assuming.  I was so saddened by the event and that I wouldn't get to eat any of my peaches that year.

It was a definitely a learning experience on needing to keep my fruit away from the birds that surround my house.  I plan to use some bird netting next year, as well as place some shiny objects around the garden, like ornaments, silver streamers, and metallic pinwheels. 

Does anyone else have any suggestions on organic ways to keep the birds away from your fruit?

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