Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Costa Rican Fauna (Part 2) - Crocodile Bridge and Manuel Antonio Coast

The Costa Rican Fauna recap continues with the wildlife that we saw at Crocodile Bridge and along the Manuel Antonio Coast (Pacific side of Costa Rica).

Crocodile Bridge
On our drive from San Jose to Manuel Antonio, we passed through Jaco.  Under the Tarcoles River Bridge, numerous crocs can be found sun bathing in the Costa Rican heat.  These guys were a good 15 ft long - monstrous creatures!

That is one river I would not want to paddle/float down!

I'm pretty sure this beast was the head honcho.

Manuel Antonio Coast
One of our day excursions included taking a catamaran boat ride that included dolphin siting and snorkeling. While I there were numerous dolphins that swam along side our boat, and I would have loved to have a picture to commemorate the moment, I didn't capture any pictures because I was too enthralled with watching the amazing sea creatures.   Sometimes it is better to fully live in the moment then try to document it.  I did, however, get some pictures of our snorkeling adventure.

Sergeant Major Fish

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