Friday, May 16, 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 2014

Welcome to what's blooming in my garden right now in Round Rock, Texas, hardiness zone 8a.  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting GBBD!


The zinnias are really going strong.  I love planting zinnias and marigolds on the corners of my veggie beds to attract pollinators.  They also really add a pop of color.

The milkweed has produced extra blooms, but no sign of any butterflies, yet.

The butterfly seed mix that I planted this spring is starting to blossom.  The orange cosmos are especially doing well.

The various squash plants are putting out quite a few blossoms.  Whenever I see some female flowers, I always try to do some pollinating by hand, just in case the bees haven't gotten around to it.  I want to maximize my harvest before any squash vine borers take over.



I really love the deep purple leaves of the oxalis combined with their delicate white flowers.


Skull Cap

Autumn Sage


  1. Pretty! Love the zinnias edging your vegetable bed. Yours are the first Tropical Milkweed and Plumbagos I've seen blooming here this year. Mine (in NW Austin) are still slowly rebounding from the hard freezes. Do you have yours in a warm microclimate, or did you protect them particularly well this winter?

    I love the purple Oxalis / white blooms, too. :)

    Happy Bloom Day!

    1. Thanks, Mary! I actually just planted my milkweed and plumbagos this year, and after the hard freezes, so I guess that explains why mine are blooming earlier than ones that had to bear the extra cold winter here. I did have one plumbago transplant sitting outside during one of the initial hard freezes and thought I completely lost it, but it seems to be making a comeback - however, that one is not yet blooming. Thanks for stopping by my blog!