Monday, May 25, 2015

In a Vase on Monday: Remembering the Fallen

Today is Memorial Day in the United States - a day in which we remember those that died while serving in the armed forces.  So, toady's vase is in honor of those that have fallen fighting for our country.

My garden has been loving the record rain we've been having, however, the heavy rains have beaten down some of the flower stalks, including the gladiola and sunflower that are in today's vase.  It seems only fitting that the fallen flowers be used as a symbol to remember those that have fallen for our freedom.

Today's vase includes:


Purple gladiolas...

Bright red zinnias that were pass-along seeds from my friend, Melissa's, garden.

Then there are the Black-Eyed Susans...

And finally, some sprigs of blooming parsley to round out the bouquet.

While the rains have been beneficial in some parts of Texas, too much of a good thing can be devastating.  This weekend, the Blanco river in Hays county (about 60 miles or an hour drive south of where I live) has seen record flooding since the 1920's, with hundred's of families loosing their homes, several dead and more missing.  My thoughts are with those that are dealing with loss from the flooding.  My husband and his paramedic co-workers are also on my mind, since they work in the area that has been hit hard by the flooding and will have several long, stressful, and potentially dangerous shifts ahead of them until the flooding subsides.

There is a lot to think about and be grateful for today.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting the In a Vase Meme every Monday.


  1. As you say, particularly appropriate to take fallen flowers to remember and honor the military's fallen. And as well, an appropriate reminder that with the flooding and devastating rains, first responders will be spending a potentially hazardous holiday weekend. Our thoughts go with them (and their families) as well as those who have lost homes, family members, friends, and a way of life, to rising waters.

  2. Sunflowers and Zinnias already! Your garden is ahead of mine, Rebecca. You created a beautiful bouquet. I hope your local downpours abate and give the drenched soil time to absorb what it's received, to be followed only with gentle rain. Best wishes for a peaceful Memorial Day.

  3. What vibrant colours today - and how densely packed that gladiolus spike is! What a thought provoking post - thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Eye-popping bouquet...thoughts to ponder. Hope your husband and his co-workers stay safe.

  5. Beautiful, Rebecca. I liked your guy when we met, now, I consider him a hero. Wishing you and yours all the best.