Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - May 2015

The higher than average rainfalls in Central Texas over the last few weeks have my zone 8b garden bursting with blooms this month for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted on the 15th of every month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

First, my poppies wrapped up their blooms this month, much to the disappointment of the buzzing bees, who could always be found on the blooms.

The larkspur has been putting on quite the show, adding an English cottage garden feel to my hot Texas garden.

The larkspur looks a lot like delphiniums, but does much better with the heat and drought of Texas.

Another English cottage-y garden feel flower blooming right now are my foxgloves.  I haven't had luck with these other years in Texas, since they tend to like a bit cooler and wetter conditions than we normally get.  However, we are having a cooler and wetter season this year, so they are loving it, and so am I.

Wrapping up the English cottage garden blooms are the Graham Thomas antique roses.

A few weeks ago, I added some annuals to the courtyard to give it some color and included impatients, kalanchoes and torenias.

In the courtyard, the pansies that were planted last fall are still going strong, especially with the cooler than average temperatures we've been having.

In the shade garden, the agapanthus is starting to bloom, but hasn't reached its full glory just yet.

The gladiolas are just starting to bloom.  I love these vibrant purple varieties that always bloom first.

Volunteer sunflowers, planted by the birds, are also opening their blooms.

As are other annuals, like the blanket flowers,


and zinnias.

The gardenias are filling the air with their intoxicating fragrance.

And the insects are enjoying the nectar of the black-eyed Susans, 

as well as the asters.

Then there are a handful of other reliable Texas blooms, like the prickly pear cactus,

bi-colored iris,



pink skullcap,

and lantana (which the hummingbirds are absolutely loving).

That wraps up my May blooms.  Be sure to stop by May Dreams Gardens for many more May blooms in other gardens around the world.


  1. They are so beautiful!!

  2. Liking everything, but those poppies are ringing my chimes this season. Did you buy a packet of seed somewhere? Are they self re-seeding, or are you putting out more seed each season? I'd be happy-happy to have those sharing one of my few really sunny spots here.

    1. This was my first year of poppies, using some packets picked up at the Natural Gardener last fall. The foliage filled my garden with beautiful greenery over the winter, but it got a bit moldy and rotten this spring. Thankfully, many flowers still bloomed before rotting out. I'm hoping some of the seed pods mature so that they reseed, but I've had to remove quite a few that have toppled over in the garden. We'll see if they reseed. Worst case, I'll just spread a few packets again next fall.

  3. Beautiful photos, all of them. Your asters are blooming!! Your FALL asters! Nice job! I have to agree with TexasDeb that the poppies are pretty great!

    1. I think the asters are confused with the rain and cool weather we've been having - they think we went from spring right to fall!

  4. Dear Rebecca, I am fascinated by the variety of blooms that you have flowering in the middle of May in your garden. I love your poppies and your larkspures. Did you grow the latter from seeds?
    That photo of the white gardenia is awesome. I have a white gardenia, too, but it is not blooming yet in my garden. I guess a little fertilizing would help ;-).
    Funny, we grow the same (or almost the same) violet gladiolus. Mine are flowering, too, in the moment. I really enjoyed reading your post!
    Warm regards,