Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Flower Seed Sowing

With the spring weather finally here, I was motivated to plant some annual flower seeds to brighten up my spring and summer garden, as well as to attract pollinators, butterflies, and to have some beautiful cut flowers.

Today in some seed cells I planted:

  • Zinnia - Lilliput, Mixed Colors
  • Zinnia - Giant, Violet Queen
  • Zinnia - Purple Prince
  • Marigold - Burpee's Best Mix
Earlier this week, I directly sowed the following annual flower seeds out in the garden:
  • Alyssum - Royal Carpet
  • Gomphrena - Strawberry Fields
  • Sunflower - Vanilla Ice
  • Sunflower - Autumn Beauty Mix
  • Sunflower - Aztec Gold Hybrid
  • Cosmos & zinnias - unknown varieties from Austin garden-blogging friend, Melissa, of Dirt & Wine.  Thanks, Mel!

I also got the following herb seeds planted in the ground or containers:
  • Sweet Basil - Ocimum basilicum
  • Oregano - Greek
  • Tarragon - Russian
  • Chamomile - German
  • Bulbing Fennel - Trieste
Can't wait to see these beauties in the coming months and to constantly have fresh cut flowers in the house.

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