Monday, March 30, 2015

In a Vase on Monday - Stereotypical Spring

Tulips and daffodils.  Those were the key flowers associated with spring, at least where I grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin.  They still represent springtime to me, and make great cut flowers.

So, I've been adding a variety of daffodils and other narcissus to my garden over the last year or two and they do really well and naturalize.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for tulips, at least down here in Zone 8b.  Most tulips need to be treated as annuals in Texas.  If you want to have the bulbs for more than one season, you need to dig them up after the foliage fades, store them in peat moss, and then refrigerate them for about six weeks in the fall/early winter so that they get enough chill hours before placing them back out in the garden.

I stayed away from tulips over the last few years because of the extra work required.  But I just couldn't help myself this year.  I was nostalgic for some northern tulips, so I bought the bulbs and refrigerated them for several weeks in December and January before placing them in the garden.

I love the look of these dark burgundy tulips so much, that I think I'm willing to go through the hassle of digging them up and storing them - at least this year.

I collected several of the tulips, along with a variety of daffodils and a few remaining Erlicheer narcissus (for fragrance) for this week's vase.

I brought this vase into work and I've already received several compliments on my beautiful flowers.  People are even more shocked when I tell them that they come from my garden.  I guess it has become a bit of a novelty for people to be able to make their own beautiful arrangements from homegrown flowers.

That's why I love this meme, hosted by Cathy over at Rambling in the Garden.  The art of garden-fresh flower arrangements is kept alive and well.  Be sure to check out the other beautiful vases from gardens around the world on her blog.


  1. Isn't it sad that it has almost become a novelty for people to display home grown flowers and that we buy flowers as gifts for friends? I am pleased to say that since starting the meme I haven't bought flowers at all, and have given friends a little bunch or posy of something grown in the garden. What a palaver for your tulips - but it has certainly paid of with these as they are gorgeous! Intriguing that your daffodils are the opposite and naturalise really well... What is the fragrance of the Erlicheer narcissus compared to Paperwhites, and did you grow them outside? Thanks for sharing

    1. I'm hoping to add to my cut flower plant collection this year with both perennials and annuals so that I can have weekly bouquets for myself, as well as enough to share with friends from time to time (they make great hostess gifts!). I would say the Erlicheers are very similar to paperwhites in how strong their fragrance is - quite pungent and definitely fills up the garden, and my room or cubicle with a lot of aroma with just a few plants. And I did grow them outside.

  2. There is nothing quite so lovely as a gathering of blooms from the garden. I suppose with the ready availability of chain grocery stores offering cut flowers daily people have forgotten that flowers come from the earth, not the produce section!

    1. It is very convenient to be able to grab a bunch of flowers from the grocery store to brighten up a room or for a special occasion. But to be able to grow your own flowers for arrangements is so much more special, and much more cost efficient, especially if growing low maintenance perennials and self-seeding annuals. I'm trying to do a better job of having enough variety of cut flowers and fillers, as well as items I can use year-round for homemade bouquets. The main challenge now is figuring out what plants I can have that will give me lovely bouquets from December-February - my current seasonal lull.