Sunday, June 24, 2012

Starting My Texas Garden

Welcome to my gardening blog!  

I have recently purchased my first house in central Texas, USDA zone 8b.  Our house sits on 0.75 acres, plenty of space for a nice home garden.  It is my first time truly gardening in Texas (I grew up in the chilly north of Southeast Wisconsin), and really my first time truly gardening in general since it is my first place that I've been able to do whatever I want with the place. 

I have a lot of learning ahead of me, both in learning how to be a good gardener, but more importantly - a good Texas gardener.  I thought it would be fun to journal and blog my successes and failures along the way to document my learnings.  Hopefully I will even learn some helpful tips and tricks from readers along the way.  I hope you enjoy!

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