Monday, June 15, 2015

In a Vase on Monday: All Good Things Come in Threes

The garden is full of color and excellent cutting flowers right now, so I decided to make three vases this week - all with a similar yellow and pink theme.

The first vase is the largest of them all and is the one I used to brighten up my main living space at home this week.  The big bouquet was a nice focal point at the center of our large kitchen/dining/family room living space.

The second is simple and elegant - with just three flowers to fill the vase.  I took this one into the office to brighten up my gray cubicle.  I got several compliments on it from co-workers.

The final vase was a whimsical little concoction of some of the "left-over" flowers from the first two vases.  These were the extras, or the ones that didn't really "go" with the other bouquets - but they make a lovely little posy together.  This vase was placed on the bedroom nightstand to enjoy every night before bed, and as the first thing every morning.

The flowers used in this week's vases are:  gladiolas,


shasta daisies,

and zinnias.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting the In a Vase on Monday meme every Monday.


  1. Glorious, happy, vibrant!

  2. So bright and cheerful! I'd love to wake up and see something as beautiful as this vase, it must put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. And I wish I could take flowers to work... I'm not surprised your colleagues were complimentary.

  3. Great sunny combinations - and I think I even like the leftover third one the best! The zinnias are especially gorgeous. I love them in that colour. Thanks for sharing

  4. Gosh, you've had a great year for growing things in Texas, haven't you?! I'm so glad the drought is done. It makes for healthier plants, pollinators, animals, and the U.S. economy. Those are stunning arrangements! I love Glads and Zinnias!

  5. Zinnias are such happy flowers - it is impossible to see them and not smile. Great choices here and all of them extra lovely during our run of cloudy June days. (not that I'm complaining!)

  6. All are just lovely--isn't it nice to have flowers everywhere? I adore gladiolas so it's nice to see them today.

  7. Wow what a stunning group of vases....those glads really make a statement with the sunflowers and those bright zinnias...all later summer flowers but a treat to see them in your vases.