Saturday, January 17, 2015

Foliage Follow-Up: January 2015

Normally at this time of the month, I participate in Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.  Unfortunately, I could not find a single bloom in my Zone 8 Central Texas garden right now.  While I'm bummed that there are no blooms to share right now, it made me realize that there is plenty of foliage to admire instead.  That is why I'm partaking in my first Foliage Follow-Up, hosted by Pam over at Digging.  This month's foliage is not only beautiful, but also EDIBLE - they are my winter veggie greens!

There are the collards...


...the Swiss chard...

(Ruby Red and Fordhook Giant varieties)

...the broccoli...

(Sun King Hybrid)

...the kale...

(Toscano and unknown varieties)

...the romaine lettuce...

...and the arugula.

There was such an abundance of these delicious greens in the garden today that I harvest almost a full pound of them and juiced them into a healthy drink along with some celery, apples, and lemon.

My harvest totals so far this year include:

  • 7.5 oz Cherry Bell radish
  • 4.8 oz kale (unknown variety)
  • 5.9 oz Flash collards
  • 1.3 oz Ruby Red chard
  • 2.9 oz Fordhook Giant chard
  • 2 colanders salad greens (lettuce, spinach, arugula) 
Thanks for stopping by my first Foliage Follow-Up.  Be sure to stop by Digging to see what other gardeners have to show.


  1. Clearly your garden is off to a grand start this year. Your greens are (almost) too lovely to eat!

  2. Chard is one of those edibles I'd grow just for the beautiful leaves. Oh, and artichoke. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up this month!

    1. Chard really is beautiful. I just got my first artichokes planted - can't wait for their interesting foliage, tasty globes, and beautiful blooms.

  3. I positively drooled at your photos. Hmmm. Yummy!

    1. It is, indeed! I'm so spoiled with the delicious garden fresh greens in my salads now - I don't think I can ever go back to the bland taste of store-bought greens.