Sunday, December 21, 2014

One Gardener's Trash...

…is another gardener’s treasure.  My friend and fellow garden blogger Melissa of Dirt & Wine was recently doing some landscaping and re-arranging of plants in her garden and ended up with an excess climbing rose that she needed to get rid of.  Being the great friend I am – I volunteered to help her out ;-)  It is always a thrill to get plants from your friends’ or neighbors gardens, and this was no exception.

I placed the rose in one of my new backyard garden beds, where it will be able to climb up the side of the house once I get a trellis in place.  I amended the soil with some special rose soil from Natural Gardener, along with some compost and watered it in well.  I am very new to rose gardening, so I’m not sure what the best care is for transplanted (or established) roses, so I’m still trying to find out how much and what type of fertilizing would be best for my new garden addition.  I’m open to any recommendations my fellow garden community rose experts – so bring on your tips and tricks!

The rose came with Melissa’s recently purchased home, so she does not know what type of rose it is.  She did send some pictures along so I can get an idea of what it will hopefully look like in the spring, assuming it survives the transplanting.  Does anyone know what variety it may be?  It looks very similar to my current climbing rose bush, but I guess we’ll see in the spring if they are the same or not.

I was given the rose that is on the left.  Thanks again, Melissa, for my lovely new climbing rose!

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  1. I can't wait to see updates on this guy!!