Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday Bouquets

This last week I celebrated my 28th birthday.  I got to enjoy my birthday over several days with family and friends.  I also got to enjoy (and am still enjoying) some beautiful bouquets that my loved ones provided.

First was a warm bouquet of yellows, oranges, and peaches provided by my mommy dearest.  She actually sent it to the restaurant that my husband and I went to for my birthday dinner.  At first I just thought that all the tables had these amazing bouquets...then I realized it was just ours...and then I realized it was just for me from my mamma mia for me.  My mamma really knows how to make me feel special!

Next was a striking bouquet of gigantic red hot zinnias from my dear gardening friend, Melissa.  She even went the extra step and provided me some seeds from her amazing zinnias (and cosmos!) that I have been admiring on her Dirt and Wine gardening blog.  Thanks Mel!

Finally, my other friend, Edith, brought in this bouquet of miniature pumpkins.  At first, I didn't think it was real.  Upon further inspection, I saw it was a real plant.  I of course had to do some research to find out what this mysterious and mystical plant was.  Turns out that it is solanum integrifolium, a.k.a Pumpkin on a Stick, a.k.a Pumpkin Tree, a.k.a Mock Tomato.

What a fun and festive plant!  It is actually an ornamental eggplant.  Since eggplant grow so well here in Texas, I'm going to see if I can try to save some seeds from it and grow it in my garden next summer for a fun fall ornamental harvest.

Thanks to everyone for my b-day blooms and for making it a great birthday!


  1. Apparently the folks in your life know how to treat you when the time calls for that. Well played everyone! And, belated happy birthday!!

    I can't wait to see if those pumpkins on a stick adapt to your garden spaces. This might easily become everybody's favorite new ornamental for the season.