Tuesday, September 30, 2014

End of Month View: September 2014

The Texas fall has arrived, and it is a beautiful thing.  The days are sunny with a high in the mid to upper 80s and low of mid 60s.  Glorious.  Here are my end of September garden views:

The front yard rock garden is most impressive, especially the left side of the house.  A few other Texas bloggers have talked about the "fall colors" we get here in Central Texas, and it is true.  The colors may not be on the trees, but they certainly can be found in the flowers.  Here, my autumn sage, Texas sage, Mexican sage and lantana is going crazy with color!

The rock bed in the very front of the yard is also popping with color from the autumn sage and lantana.  It looks like there are a few blank spaces that could use a plant or two, but I'm not sure what exactly to place there yet.

The veggie beds have gotten a major overhaul in the past few weeks.  I took out all the tomatoes, a real chore since they were over 8 feet tall and draping over the tomato cages.  I then planted some fall veggie seeds in their place in the first bed on the left.  The bed looks empty now, but there will soon be broccoli, chard, and collards growing there.

View of the first bed where I planted some fall veggie seeds - I left the peppers and a couple of eggplant for now on the left, since they are still producing.  In a few weeks, I'll rip them out and plant another round of fall veggies.  Bed #2 behind it remains full of self-seeded zinnias that I have not ripped out.  I'll leave them there for a few more weeks until another round of fall seed planting happens.

Bed #3's fall veggie transplants are doing well.  I've planted various kale, broccoli and brussel sprouts.  I also have a row of sweet peas along the trellis that are off to a good start.

The shade tree bed is doing well after about three weeks in the ground.  I look forward to the day this bed is full and lush.

The herbs are getting bigger and stronger.

The peach tree beds have a few plants, but have been kept mostly bare for now.  But since I planted a lot of fall sowing flower seeds in these beds, I expect them to be overflowing come next spring.

Looks bare, for now, but this bed will be full of flowers from the seeds I planted next springtime.

Neighbor fence line also looks a bit bare, but I'll be planting a lot of bulbs in this bed later this fall, so it won't remain empty for long.

Empty-ish neighbor fence line.  I'm waiting to pick just the right roses to fill this space.

Looks like the bulb bed needs some fall color.  Time to order some oxblood and spider lilies.

And to round out this month's view - the backyard fence line.  The plants are still getting rooted, but those blackfoot daisies are sure winners.

Thanks for stopping by to view my September garden.  Be sure to check out The Patient Gardener to see other bloggers' September gardens from around the world.  Thanks to Helen for hosting!


  1. Central Texas really is heavenly in the fall. Your gardens are all lovely.

    1. Thanks, Debra! I'm really enjoying all my fall blooms this year.

  2. Your hard work is really paying off. I hope your neighbors are appreciating how you are improving their views as well as your own!

    1. I think they are, I've had several of them come up to me saying how great the yard is looking... which makes me happy. I do it all for my own enjoyment, but it is definitely a bonus that they are appreciating it as well.

  3. I've been out grubbing Centipede grass that crept into my potential cabbage patch. Your beds look so nice and neat, everything in its place and no intruders. Your Springtime beds already seeded and ready for 2015 are marvelous. Oh, and Sweet Peas' baby sprouts ready to climb a fence. It's all wonderful.

    1. The veggie beds look neat for now, only because I recently turned them over and did some major weeding. Most of the flower beds are pretty new as well, so they haven't had time for the weeds to grow much yet. On my gardening to-do list is to get a lot of mulch down within the next month so that it stays that way.